Prismatic Flower Essences offers premium-quality flower essences and aura sprays to physical stores and online retailers at competitive wholesale prices. Our natural, handcrafted products are perfect for holistic health shops, wellness centers, and spiritual boutiques.

Key benefits for retailers:
• High-quality, organic ingredients
• Attractive profit margins
• Fast shipping and reliable stock
• Unique, in-demand wellness products

Contact us for wholesale pricing and small batch order information:
Phone: (248) 509-4329

Become a Prismatic Flower Essences retailer today and enhance your product lineup with our popular flower essences and aura sprays!

Minimum order: $250
Delivery timeframe: Please allow 2 weeks

As a small, growing company, we currently have limitations on order sizes. While we cannot accommodate very large-scale orders at this time, we're actively working towards expanding our capacity in the future. We appreciate your understanding and support as we grow.