What are flower and vibrational essences?
Essences are liquid energetic solutions that capture the essence of flowers, plants, trees, gems, crystals, or the natural environment. They are typically preserved using alcohol, vinegar, or vegetable glycerine.

How are flower and vibrational essences made?
Common methods include:
- Sun method: Placing fresh flowers in a bowl of water and exposing them to sunlight
- Moon method: Placing flowers in water overnight to absorb moonlight energy
- Non-cut method: Placing a bowl of water near the living plant without cutting it

What are the benefits of flower essences?
Flower essences are believed to offer various benefits, including:
- Emotional balance and healing
- Stress reduction and relaxation
- Improved sleep quality
- Enhanced mental clarity and focus
- Support for personal growth and self-awareness
- Assistance in processing and releasing trauma
- Promotion of overall well-being and vitality
- Aid in addressing specific emotional states or patterns
- Support during times of transition or change

Individual experiences may vary, and it's recommended to consult with a qualified practitioner for personalized advice on using flower essences for specific concerns.

How do flower essences differ from essential oils?
- Essential oils contain the physical plant material and scent compounds
- Flower essences capture the energetic imprint and do not have a scent
- Essential oils generally should not be ingested, while flower essences can be taken internally

Are there any contraindications for flower essences?
No, flower essences do not have any known contraindications or interactions with medications. The only consideration is those with alcohol dependency may need alcohol-free versions which are available upon request.

How do you use flower and vibrational essences?
- Taken orally from the bottle
- Applied to pulse points or chakras 
- Massaged along meridians
- Added to baths, shampoos, creams, or mists
- Added to food and drinks

What can be expected when taking essences?
People may experience a range of emotional and physical sensations like:
- Increased energy or exhaustion
- More joy or periods of sadness/tears
- Overall improved wellbeing
Effects can vary for each person during the healing process. Some may notice changes quickly, while others may take weeks or months.

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