What is Intuitive Healing?
Intuitive Healing is a powerful method that can help restore individuals. By connecting to a Higher Power, the Intuitive Healer understands how the body's natural energetic fields work. Through alternative healing methods, Intuitive Healing encompasses the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual levels. The Intuitive Healer has the insight to assist individuals in their therapeutic process. It's a diverse and intentional approach that works on the whole person. With the ability to connect to the Source, Intuitive Healing can help individuals achieve a sense of balance and harmony.

Do you ever feel like something is holding you back from living your best life?

Intuitive healing can help.

It's a technique where the Practitioner uses their gifts to receive spiritual guidance that unlocks blocks and imbalances in your energetic system and helps you easily roll through life. During a session, you and the Practitioner work together to create a shift in your energy. This shift moves through your subtle bodies and eventually affects your physical being. Imagine feeling aligned, balanced, and joyous. That's the power of intuitive healing.

It's like a toothed wheel clicking smoothly from one gear to the next.

So why not try it and see what shifts can happen for you?

The goal of the Practitioner is to get to the root of what is ailing the client through their spiritual guidance and intuitive abilities. Your intuition is the ability to understand something immediately without needing conscious reasoning. With this expanded knowledge, the Practitioner brings awareness to the client so that the client can use the information to work through releasing the energy stuck in the body that is causing them disease, stress, pain, anxiety, or discomfort. In addition, the Practitioner will provide tools to the client to assist in the releasing and integrating process.

Everyone's self-care journey is unique, but certain practices can help. Try journaling, affirmations, or even acupuncture. With intuitive healing, results can be life-changing. It's a process that's gaining popularity for its effectiveness. One session may be all you need. Services are available by appointment via phone or at 2 locations: Ascension School Of Healing Arts in Ferndale, MI, and SkinOnyx by Kleraderm in Shelby Twp, MI. To Book an appointment, please call (248)-509-4329. To Book an appointment, please call (248)-509-4329. To Book an appointment, please call (248)-509-4329. Visit my website at https://prismaticflowers.com/ for more information.

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