Flower Essence Therapy

Is Flower Essence Therapy The Missing Piece in your self-care routine?

Flower essence therapy is being used by more people daily, becoming an increasingly accepted practice in the health and wellness world. What many people don’t realize, however, is how effective flower essences can be at bringing about profound healing at the physical, mental, and spiritual levels of your being.

Because of the ocean of benefits that flower essence therapy offers and the pivotal role it plays in helping people live their best lives and escaping the stress of life, now more than ever, it has become essential for everyone to learn about flower essences, how they can help you with your self-care routine and bring about deep healing from the inside out!

Flower Essence Therapy, What is it?

Flower essence therapy is an alternative medicine that uses flower essences to help heal emotional and mental wounds. Many flower essences can help address issues like grief, anxiety, depression, and more. The best part about this type of healing is choosing what works best for you.

The flowers may be put into water or alcohol and then ingested orally or applied topically to aid healing. The flowers are chosen based on their properties and energetics, which tells us what they need from us to thrive.

A good practitioner will consider all these things before choosing the right flowers for your needs. Flower essences also allow you to work with your body’s natural rhythm of growth and change. They act as energetic nourishment when we might not have enough resources within ourselves or if our energy has been depleted due to trauma, illness, stress, etc.

The most important thing to remember about flower essences is that there is no one-size-fits-all when dealing with any situation. Finding the perfect treatment plan requires patience and understanding. A beautiful benefit of working with flower essence therapy is having an opportunity for self-exploration, where you learn how each issue impacts you and why it came up in your life.

What are The Benefits of Flower Essence Therapy

There are many benefits to flower essence therapy, and they have proven helpful for people with anxiety and depression, emotional imbalances, PTSD, and life challenges. Another advantage is that it helps promote mental clarity and creativity, which may make you more productive at work or school.

Flower essence therapy is an effective tool for healing emotional wounds from the past, and it can also help alleviate invasive thoughts. Last but not least, flower essences can help to calm an overactive mind.

Get The Best Flower Essence Remedy from Specialist Flower Essence Practitioners

The first 38 Bach Flower Remedies date back to 1920-1930 and were first discovered by Dr. Edward Bach, who pioneered flower essence therapy into what it is today.

Dr. Bach was convinced that the key to long-lasting well-being was emotional health. He devoted his life to exploring many types of plants and flowers. Eventually, he established the Bach Center in Oxford, England, where he developed the Bach Flower Remedies™ that we know and enjoy today.

Since then, many other Flower Essence companies worldwide, such as Flower Essence Society™, Alaskan Essences™, Flora Corona™, Patagonia Essences™, and Living Essences of Australia™. Each company has its own set of beautiful essences and gem elixirs; as a practitioner, I’ve enjoyed working with all of them.

Flower essence is the spirit of the flower, with each flower having a corresponding emotion associated with it. They are made by picking certain flowers in the early morning and placing them in a glass bowl filled with purified water. It is then left in direct sunlight for 3 hours. Then, the plant parts are scooped out, and what is left is the mother tincture. That is then poured into a dark glass bottle and preserved with 50% mother tincture and 50% high-quality Brandy.

Stock bottles are made with 50% mother tincture and 50% high-quality Brandy, which practitioners like myself use for dosage bottles for clients. Dosage bottles are made with four drops of the intended essences, 50% purified water, and 50% high-quality Brandy or apple cider vinegar.


There are two ways you can use flower essences to care for yourself. The first is by ingesting it as a tincture. You must dilute the potion with water and drink it on an empty stomach (ideally, first thing in the morning).

This is to be taken orally in an 8 oz glass of water 3-4 times a day. Afterward, a follow-up consultation will be scheduled to determine whether to continue or discontinue therapy. Typical therapy is between 3-6 months. It is worth mentioning that each client is different and would most likely have different experiences. The second is by adding it to your bath water.

Flower Essence Therapy has the best results when working with a practitioner like myself, as picking an essence can be daunting and confusing. When working with a Flower Essence Practitioner, you will get professional consultation and a 30-day supply of powerful flower essence.

The Best Flower Essences for Self-Care

What do we usually do when we want to take care of ourselves? We eat healthy, exercise, meditate, and spend time with friends. Right? But how often do you think about using flower essence therapy to help you with self-care? It is what you need to feel calmer and more grounded.

When it comes down to it, the best way to treat yourself is by treating yourself with love! An excellent place to start on this journey is by ensuring you’re taking the time to find balance within yourself. One way you can achieve this goal is through flower essence therapy.

Flower Essences are an excellent complementary therapy that works well with virtually every other wellness program. Over the years, my clients have benefited from this therapy with astonishing positive results.

Flower Essences have been used worldwide to assist us with all kinds of emotional distress, such as stress, anxiety, anger, grief, and denial, to name a few. They give us fresh and better perspectives and help us move on from emotional chains that prevent us from living our best lives. As such, it helps us peel through the layers of emotional blocks and barriers and, therefore, learn and grow emotionally.

I Love Helping My Clients with Flower Essence Therapy

There are many benefits to flower essence therapy; it can help you relax, find clarity, and feel more balanced. However, one of the most common reasons people use this type of therapy is for emotional healing.

Flower essence therapy could be a good option if you’ve been feeling anxious or stressed out or are dealing with a difficult breakup or grieving for someone close to you. Get in touch and learn how to enjoy the full benefits of flower essence therapy today.



Date 12/14/2023

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