Benefits of EarSeeds
Have you ever heard of ear seeds? They're a form of take-home acupuncture. Patients leave my office with tiny band-aids in their ears. People often joke about getting their ears pierced. However, ear seeds are an easy and non-invasive way to stimulate acupuncture points. They boost acupuncture points in the ears with tiny black seeds from a Vaccaria plant. These seeds have healing properties that help to move blood and invigorate channels. Applying them to specific acupuncture points can help balance the immune system and repair the body. Ear seeds can remove blockages that cause pain and keep the body from healing optimally.

Did you know that stimulating a point in your ear can boost your immune system? Our body comprises redundant systems that help us adapt to the world. An acupuncturist can observe these repetitions through pulses, tongues, ears, and more. Precisely, the ears mirror everything that's going on in your body during treatment. Long-standing issues manifest in the ear, with visible blood vessels indicative of chronic stagnation. But don't worry; your body can heal and thrive with the proper treatment.

When we pay close attention to the subtle signs our body gives us, we gain insight into our health. Observing indents on our outer ear or swelling in certain areas can explain imbalances. By applying seeds to these points, we can work towards restoring balance and finding relief from pain. Listening to our bodies can lead to greater wellness and a deeper connection with ourselves.

Have you ever wondered how your ear could help heal your body? Well, the ear is fascinating! It contains thousands of nerve endings that connect to acupuncture points. By stimulating these points, we stimulate corresponding brain nerves, triggering a healing response that can reduce pain and treat any condition in the body. Ear seeds, which are tiny beads placed on these acupuncture points, can be used to help heal a variety of ailments. So, next time you feel down, remember that your ear can help you heal!

It's a fascinating healing modality that is highly effective and can be used on children and adults. Working with a certified EarSeeds Practitioner like Michael Allison from Prismatic Flower Essences is essential. Services are available by appointment at 2 locations: Ascension School Of Healing Arts in Ferndale, MI, and SkinOnyx by Kleraderm in Shelby Twp, MI. To Book an appointment, please call (248)-509-4329. To Book an appointment, please call (248)-509-4329. Visit my website at for more information.

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