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Are you feeling stuck in your wellness journey? Don't worry, I got you covered!

My name is Michael Allison, and I own Prismatic Flower Essences. I offer various alternative wellness services at the Ascension School Of Healing Arts (formerly known as Ascension Healing Arts Center) that can help you with mental, physical, and spiritual levels. I work directly with the founder of Ascension, Donna Lakes, to help her students and clients live their best lives.

Whether you're struggling with stress, anxiety, or fear, I have a solution that can work for you. And the best part? All my services are designed to be safe, natural, and non-invasive.

My pre-made flower essence blends can be the perfect addition to your daily routine, whether you're a student at Ascension School of Healing Arts or simply looking to enhance your self-care practice.

If you're working through Ascension's 2-year Healer program or are a Reiki student, my flower essence blends can support your spiritual journey perfectly. But that's not all. I also offer in-person and distance services tailored to your unique needs and preferences. From Reiki healing to crystal therapy, I have many options to help you find balance and harmony.

And if you need help figuring out where to start, don't worry. I am always here to guide you and provide the information you need to make an informed decision. Remember, taking care of your wellness is not a one-size-fits-all approach. It's a journey that requires patience, dedication, and the right tools.

I offer flower essence blends for various topics covered at the Ascension School Of Healing Arts Healer Program, such as:

• Chakra Healing

• Boundaries

• Shadow Work

• Inner Child Healing

• Intuition

• Grounding

• Trauma

• Limited Beliefs

• Emotional Conditions & Blockages

• Mediumship

• Past Lives

• Empathic Issues

• Energetic Cords

• Releasing Patterns

Flower essences help dissolve emotional chains and blockages to live your best life. They are taken as a tincture a few times a day to assist you in calming the mind and cleansing your energy body. They are lovely to use in between energy healing sessions and other wellness therapies.

Aura Cleansing Sprays | Smokeless Smudge Sprays

The Aura Sprays have become a phenomenon at Ascension School Of Healing Arts. These lovely smokeless smudge sprays combine flower essences and gem elixirs that help to cleanse your aura and chakras & lift your vibration. Aura sprays are lovely for cleansing negative energies in a room or space. They work well with reiki practitioners and energy healers to help boost the sessions for their clients. Spray around your aura or in the corners of a room to remove stale energies and attachments.

I offer a large selection of Aura Sprays at the school, such as:

Blue Lotus is like smudging without the smoke. It cleanses your aura, balances your chakras, and is excellent to use before and after energy healing sessions to help remove attachments.

Red Roses are the quintessential flower of love, beauty, passion, and romance. Its romantic energy is beguiling and captivating. This alluring flower helps dissolve energetic blockages in your heart chakra so you can let love in.

Peonys are especially useful for energy healers as they can assist the healer with distant energy healing services.

Magnolia is an auric detox for energetic toxins and attachments from your aura and environment. These flowers will purify the air around you, bringing freshness and helping you release addictive behaviors.

Violets are excellent at cleansing heavy, old, and stagnant energies. They help healers and psychics as they are a natural cleanser of auras and spaces and help remove negative attachments while you sleep.

Daffodils help with all forms of communication with others, which can help build confidence by helping you express yourself. They also signify a new beginning to a bright and cheerful future.

Sunflowers create an environment where negative influences cannot enter. The aura spray has a light, subtle aroma with a hint of sandalwood for a floral fragrance with some depth.

Ascension School Of Healing Arts Wellness Practitioner

As a practitioner at Ascension School Of Healing Arts, I provide niche wellness services for the students, such as:

Flower Essence Therapy is a holistic approach to healing. Combining the essence of plants with the body's natural energy helps restore balance and promote well-being. Additionally, it is a non-invasive treatment that can complement traditional medicine. As a result, it can assist with a range of issues, from stress and anxiety to physical ailments.

Aroma Point Reiki are treatments that address common conditions such as pain, overactive mind, and insomnia. During sessions, you'll feel deeply relaxed and experience a shift in old patterns. These therapies are suitable for both adults and children. With Aroma Point Reiki, you'll feel like a whole new person.

Gemmotherapy, used globally, can restore the nervous system, eliminate stress, and boost immunity. Inflammation subsides, and emotional and mental conditions see significant improvement over time.

EarSeeds are tiny seeds that are a form of acupuncture. They can be placed on specific points on your ear and help with various health concerns. Ear seeds are a great alternative to traditional medicine. They can assist with stress, anxiety, and even addiction. Not to mention, they're painless and easy to use.

Intuitive Healing is a process that involves trusting your inner voice. It enables you to tap into your intuition and connect with your emotions. By doing so, you can release negative emotions and feel more positive. Additionally, it helps you to communicate with your body and mind. With practice, you can learn to rely on your intuition to guide you toward healing and inner peace. Remember, intuitive healing is a journey, not a destination. So trust the process and be patient with yourself.

Sound Touch Therapy is a non-invasive approach that uses sound and vibration to harmonize your energy field. The result? Optimal health, actualization, and wholeness. Soundtouch therapy integrates the vibrational frequencies of sound, light, and color that support healing your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. With a precise treatment protocol, Soundtouch addresses your unique concerns.

Crystal Healing is a fascinating practice that uses gemstones to promote physical and emotional healing. Crystals are believed to have unique energies that can help balance and harmonize our bodies.

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My services are in-person and via Zoom at the Ascension School Of Healings Arts at 1938 Burdette, Ferndale, MI 48220. To book an appointment, call me at (248)-509-4329. Check out their website at to check out what they offer!

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