Aroma Point Reiki Benefits
Holistic care and prevention have always been my focus. Consequently, I became a Reiki Master and completed Aroma Point Reiki with Angela Sidlo. I aim to support others in their healing journey.

In my practice, I hold space for and allow others to show up and do their healing work because everyone has the power to heal themselves. Therefore, I empower others to heal using energy work, including Aroma Point Reiki.

At Prismatic Flower Essences, I provide a nurturing environment where we work towards your well-being. Therefore, I encourage you to embark on this healing journey with me because it's always possible to start.

Are you ready for a transformation? Consider Aroma Point Reiki. These treatments address common conditions such as pain, overactive mind, and insomnia. During sessions, you'll feel deeply relaxed and experience a shift in old patterns. These therapies are suitable for both adults and children. With Aroma Point Reiki, you'll feel like a whole new person.

We can raise the energetic frequency and initiate a healing response by utilizing essential oils on Acupoints. The oils work as a key, unlocking the door to healing. Reiki energy then enters like a gentle breeze, ushering in complete healing.

Discover the power of Aroma Point Reiki. Experience deep relaxation and emotional harmony. Transcend generational trauma and find relief from pain. And continue your self-care journey with the oils at home. Let us guide you towards a more balanced life. Services are available by appointment at 2 locations: Ascension School Of Healing Arts in Ferndale, MI, and SkinOnyx by Kleraderm in Shelby Twp, MI. To Book an appointment, please call (248)-509-4329. To Book an appointment, please call (248)-509-4329. Visit my website at for more information.

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